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Horse Rescue Fundraising Calendar

My “other home” is Lost Creek Ranch in Beldenville WI. Lost Creek Ranch is a 501(c)3 Horse Rescue that rehabs and retrains horses and gives them a forever home. Each year I design a calendar and here are a few favorite pages from the 2014 edition. You can see more and order your copy through me or Lost Creek Ranch:

front cover 006 june 2014 002 feb


It’s a Mare…

Here she is- my new mare! Never thought I would own a mare but Elizabeth is all legs with amazing movement and (hopefully) the temperament to tolerate me! Look for us in the dressage ring this summer (in between weddings and high school seniors and of course equine sessions!):

DSC_0117 DSC_0099


Fall Family Session

How beautiful is this family? I have been lucky enough to be their photographer since mom and dad got married! We had the perfect fall day and I couldn’t be happier with the mood and light:

DSC_6801 DSC_6858 DSC_6933 DSC_7144 DSC_7192 spindleroct2013101 spindleroct2013140

Horseshow Success

Personal post! I know I don’t post much about my personal life on my blog but I just had to share this pic taken of me and one of the horses I ride and have worked with since he was an unstarted 2 yr old. Nickers is growing into a sweet, kind horse with a huge heart and I couldn’t be prouder! We have competed in two dressage shows now and this photo is us after his second show which he won beating the next highest horse by 7%! Starting to see signs of a mature horse with a brain and some talent emerging- and look at that face 🙂 horse love…


Fall Portrait Fundraiser at Lost Creek Ranch

Every year I dedicate one day to photographing families and individuals on location at Lost Creek Ranch in Beldenville WI (about 45 mins east of St Paul). 1oo% of the $50 session fee is donate to the ranch (a 501(c)3 non profit horse rescue). Here are some favorite shots from this years shoot:

happilyeverafter021 happilyeverafter094 happilyeverafter117 happilyeverafter141 happilyeverafter150 happilyeverafter158 happilyeverafter163 happilyeverafter195 happilyeverafter232 happilyeverafter245 happilyeverafter262 happilyeverafter326 happilyeverafter347 happilyeverafter365 happilyeverafter380

Fall is in the Air! Katie & Scott

092813002 092813020 092813108 092813213 092813277 092813283 092813345 092813410 092813418 092813475

Vintage Inspired Wedding

Perfect weather, perfect couple- what a day! Cedarhurst Mansion in Cottage Grove MN has long been one of my favorite wedding locations simply because of the variety of places to shoot from manicured gardens to rustic outbuildings and of course the formal mansion itself. Check it out:

092113r407 092113r500 092113r496 092113r492 092113r447 092113r422 092113r420 092113r237 092113r240 092113r282 092113r287 092113r305 092113r379 092113r399 092113r228 092113r220 092113r187 092113r176 092113r174 092113r165 092113r152 092113r150 092113r142 092113r140 092113r136 092113r132 092113r103 092113r098 092113r092 092113r084 092113r072 092113r070 092113r053 092113r048 092113r031 092113r025 092113r018 092113r008

“Tell me it can’t be done, and I will do it. Tell me the goal is too high, and I will reach it. Place an obstacle in front of me, and I will leap over it. Challenge me, dare me, or even defy me. But do not underestimate me. For on the back of my horse, anything is possible.”

mackenzie2013127 mackenzie2013119 mackenzie2013114 mackenzie2013113 mackenzie2013107 mackenzie2013088 mackenzie2013086 mackenzie2013024 mackenzie2013031 mackenzie2013038 mackenzie2013044 mackenzie2013048 mackenzie2013073 mackenzie2013076 mackenzie2013012

Terri & Tim

Loved this couple and this day! My studio has photographed several family weddings for Tim’s family so its always fun ti catch up with everyone. The dance was a blast and I included a few fun shots for you to enjoy:

091413r019 091413r043 091413r048 091413r054 091413r066 091413r108 091413r119 091413r125 091413r162 091413r164 091413r171 091413r182 091413r232 091413r271 091413r413 091413r441 091413r461 091413r476 091413r496 091413r508

Equine Chiropractic Marketing

Love my job when I can spread the word about people like Alana who is an amazing chiropractor and helps horses and their humans everyday. Here is a preview of Alana’s new business card as well as a shot of her at work:

alana2  front lostcreek100813003