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Equine Marketing for Massage Business

Love seeing horses getting a little extra pampering! Photographing horses being massaged offers lot of opportunities for fun horsey expressions. Stephanie is working on promoting her business and I think these new flyers (still a work in progress) will help her out.  Her logo is a classic idea with a modern twist:

steph 1

Equine Business Branding

One of my favorite things to do is to help horse professionals promote their business and services. Logo design, marketing materials including business cards, postcards and flyers. This is a design in progress that I am really liking! The B in EB Performance Horses is for the trainers adorable little girl so the playful B fits perfectly right now. One day when she is training side by side with her mom we can update that B to a stronger font. It’s the little things that make the difference!

eb logo 3b eb biz card093013emily098


Snowy Fairytale Equine Session

Jenn waited her entire life to have a horse of her own and Jimmy is the love of her life- second only to her husband (on most days!). This was a really fun session to plan and create and we lucked out with a warm winter afternoon. Photographed at Lost Creek Ranch in Beldenville WI.


Horses Running in the Snow

There is something poetic about watching horses in a pasture. I especially like the way these geldings got in sync so quickly and stayed in sync as they raced playfully raced around the pasture. I am thinking of making notecards or holiday cards out of this session. What do you think?

DSC_1203 DSC_1204 DSC_1237 DSC_1279 crop DSC_1279

Equine Marketing Design Process

Thought I would give you a glimpse into the design process. My client for this job is Kari Hoyer Farrier Service- she a the premier farrier in western WI and she does quite a bit of specialty shoeing and works with some pretty amazing horses (ok mine… LOL) but anyway here is how we got to where we are so far.

1) colors/ ideas/ things we like: feet, muted earthier jewel tones

running feet color-scheme-249-main

2) First ideas- horseshoe, fonts, close but not quite there…

2 logos hoyer card

3) Ahhh this more like it!logos kari4) And here is the finished business card:

dark brown photo5) and Kari’s Facebook banner:

kari facebook banner

Like what you see? Let me know what I can design for you! Here is a sneak peak at the website I am working on for Kari: website mock up

Heather Blitz Clinic at Alpine Farms

Loved photographing the talented Olympian Heather Blitz again this year- great people, beautiful horses:

 DSC_8875 DSC_9317DSC_9217DSC_8442 DSC_9617 DSC_0022 DSC_0029 DSC_0059

Horse Rescue Fundraising Calendar

My “other home” is Lost Creek Ranch in Beldenville WI. Lost Creek Ranch is a 501(c)3 Horse Rescue that rehabs and retrains horses and gives them a forever home. Each year I design a calendar and here are a few favorite pages from the 2014 edition. You can see more and order your copy through me or Lost Creek Ranch:

front cover 006 june 2014 002 feb


Fall Portrait Fundraiser at Lost Creek Ranch

Every year I dedicate one day to photographing families and individuals on location at Lost Creek Ranch in Beldenville WI (about 45 mins east of St Paul). 1oo% of the $50 session fee is donate to the ranch (a 501(c)3 non profit horse rescue). Here are some favorite shots from this years shoot:

happilyeverafter021 happilyeverafter094 happilyeverafter117 happilyeverafter141 happilyeverafter150 happilyeverafter158 happilyeverafter163 happilyeverafter195 happilyeverafter232 happilyeverafter245 happilyeverafter262 happilyeverafter326 happilyeverafter347 happilyeverafter365 happilyeverafter380

“Tell me it can’t be done, and I will do it. Tell me the goal is too high, and I will reach it. Place an obstacle in front of me, and I will leap over it. Challenge me, dare me, or even defy me. But do not underestimate me. For on the back of my horse, anything is possible.”

mackenzie2013127 mackenzie2013119 mackenzie2013114 mackenzie2013113 mackenzie2013107 mackenzie2013088 mackenzie2013086 mackenzie2013024 mackenzie2013031 mackenzie2013038 mackenzie2013044 mackenzie2013048 mackenzie2013073 mackenzie2013076 mackenzie2013012

Equine Chiropractic Marketing

Love my job when I can spread the word about people like Alana who is an amazing chiropractor and helps horses and their humans everyday. Here is a preview of Alana’s new business card as well as a shot of her at work:

alana2  front lostcreek100813003