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Equine Marketing for Massage Business

Love seeing horses getting a little extra pampering! Photographing horses being massaged offers lot of opportunities for fun horsey expressions. Stephanie is working on promoting her business and I think these new flyers (still a work in progress) will help her out.  Her logo is a classic idea with a modern twist:

steph 1

Equine Marketing Design Process

Thought I would give you a glimpse into the design process. My client for this job is Kari Hoyer Farrier Service- she a the premier farrier in western WI and she does quite a bit of specialty shoeing and works with some pretty amazing horses (ok mine… LOL) but anyway here is how we got to where we are so far.

1) colors/ ideas/ things we like: feet, muted earthier jewel tones

running feet color-scheme-249-main

2) First ideas- horseshoe, fonts, close but not quite there…

2 logos hoyer card

3) Ahhh this more like it!logos kari4) And here is the finished business card:

dark brown photo5) and Kari’s Facebook banner:

kari facebook banner

Like what you see? Let me know what I can design for you! Here is a sneak peak at the website I am working on for Kari: website mock up

Horse Rescue Fundraising Calendar

My “other home” is Lost Creek Ranch in Beldenville WI. Lost Creek Ranch is a 501(c)3 Horse Rescue that rehabs and retrains horses and gives them a forever home. Each year I design a calendar and here are a few favorite pages from the 2014 edition. You can see more and order your copy through me or Lost Creek Ranch:

front cover 006 june 2014 002 feb